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Special Shopper Services

Mole Valley Buses 4U

(Demand Responsive Transport - DRT)

Please note that this service is currently limited to certain shopping trips each week. The information that follows relates to the service that used to apply and whilst we will try to accommodate travel requests, we cannot guarantee to be able to do so. Please call the booking number for the latest information.

Mole Valley Buses 4U will pick you up in villages and rural areas of Mole Valley district as well as Bookham & Fetcham and Salfords & Sidlow.

The bus will take you anywhere within Mole Valley district, plus Horley, Redhill, Reigate and East Surrey & Epsom hospitals and take you home again.

Booking priority is given to those who do not have access to other bus or rail services.

The service is available on Mondays to Fridays between 0900 and 1500 (schooldays) 0830 to 1630 (school holidays) and on Saturdays from 1400 to 1730. There is no service on Sundays or Public Holidays.

For those with mobility difficulties, the buses are fully accessible by means of a passenger lift or ramp.

To book call the Travel Centre on:

01883 701270

Between 0830 and 1700 on Mondays to Fridays.


For more information on how to book, follow the link at the top left of this page.

Concessionary passes are accepted.

Special Shopper Services

Please call the Travel Centre on the above number to confirm the destination for the week (where this varies) and to book your place on the trip.Timings and pick-up points will be confirmed at the time of booking.


From Boxhill

to a different destination each week including:






From Bookham

to Epsom

From Beare Green

to Reigate Morrison's

Concessionary Passes are accepted.













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Mole Valley Villager Leaflet - 29 August 2015